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Auch dieses Jahr wieder mit dabei mit Blackhole Amps.


Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch an unserem Stand




Am 3. November 2019 findet Ihr uns am Musik- Flohmarkt in Brunegg


Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch

Yeahman guitarfest 2019

Das war Burgdorf 08.09.19! Grossen Dank an alle Besucher.

Pics by Julian Löster

Reh's Showroom 

Termin nach Vereinbarung.





- Blackhole nightingale

- diverse Diveded by 13 (for sale)



- das ganze Greuter Audio Sortiment

- T-Rex Replica




- Reh guitars ab Lager 









Andrea Bignasca,

Singersongwriter/ SRF "best talent" Oktober 18


"I knew how the guitar would look like. I knew how it sound like. I knew would be perfect and top notch (and it is!) I knew René would put his heart and soul into it, as he always does. What I didn't know was that I would still be left speechiess. I immediately sensed the danger and unknown possibilities emanating from the wood, all imbued by all the unwirtten songs and riffs. I knew there were songs in this guitar the moment I touched it."






 thank you guys!

Music by Jeremy Tanner

Regie by Dragan Pijetlovic
Video by "Bite Animation"



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